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Commercial Roofing Services

At Flintshire Roofing we offer a roofing maintenance service to commercial and industrial clients.

It is paramount that a roof is regularly maintained to ensure they are kept in good condition, this avoids any long term damage and costly repairs.

We will arrange a time to suit you to carry out a free photographic survey of your roof and provide you with a detailed survey report and quotations as necessary.

firestone_epdm1Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing System

Firestone EPDM Roofing Systems offer a proven track record of durability and overall performance as well as an unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation, extremes of low and high temperatures and untimately ageing. There is little or no maintenance with this system resulting in a very low life-cycle cost.

This system is quick and easy to install. Available in sheet sizes up to 15m in width and 61m in length, resulting in fewer seams and less installation time.

Firestone EPDM remains highly fexible even at temperatures down to -45oC. The membrane can also elongate over 300% to accommodate building movements.

Made from an inert material with limited environemental impact during manufacture and use. The Manufacuruers recieved ISO14001 certification for their environmental management system.

liquid_rubberLiquid Rubber Roofing LRS Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is LRS’s liquid applied membrane range, a revolutionary waterproofing system.

As a cold applied liquid system Liquid Rubber sets as a single fully-bonded membrane with no joints or seams. Its unique formulation provides 1,100% elasticity and over 95% memory which allows for excessive roof movement.

Liquid Rubber can be brush & roller applied, or for larger projects Liquid Rubber’s “Instant Set” system can be spray applied providing coverage of up to 1000 square metres in a single day, instantly waterproofed.

Liquid Rubber requires no primers or fleeces making it up to 5 times faster to apply versus some other systems, saving you time and money.

Liquid Rubber can be applied over most roofing systems including felt, asphalt, timber, concrete, corrugated asbestos, metal and insulation boards.

Furthermore since Liquid Rubber fully bonds to the substrate it provides the ideal solution for rust prevention and asbestos encapsulation.

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