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Fibre Glass Roofing Services

cureitThe Cure It roofing system is the proven solution to almost any flat roofing problem.

Cure It is a formed in situ on the roof deck to create a solid, waterproofing membrane, fully bonded to the decking, that covers the entire roof without any seams, joints or welds, commonly the weekest point on other roofing systems.

Cure It is a hard wearing structural waterproofing system which cannot be cut with a knife, won’t deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat and will tolorate foot traffic.

The system comes complete with a 20 year guarantee on the materials from the manufacturer and a guarantee from Flintshire Roofing – The roof will remain leak free for at least 20 years. As studies have shown, some of the earliest GRP roofs laid more than thirty years ago are still in service today.

The Cure It system can be used on any size of roof regardless of complexity and is available in a choice of finishes and in a range of colours.

The Cure it system can be adapted for almost any feature including, but not limited to:- Window Casements, Gutters, Parapet Walls, Outlets, Skylights, Pipes, Vents, Steps, Walls
All an be weatherproofed or incoporated into the laminate with ease.

Cure It is an extremely durable material which can withstand foot traffic as standard and can be specified to withstand frequent heavy foot traffic on walkways or balconies and is available with an optinal non-slip finish. In many cases the Cure It system can be used to easily adapt flat roofs for use as balconies or terraces or incoporate a green roof or roof garden.

Installation is straightforward and quick, with most roofs taking a day including removal of the existing roof. The flexibility of the system means that any additions such as balustrade supports, promenade tiles, solar panels, security lights or cameras can be easily bonded to the roof as required during or after installation.

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